Take Courage

He is in the waiting… I had a dream about a month ago I feel was sent to me from God. In the dream, the chorus from the song “Take Courage ” which sings  ‘He’s in the waiting, He’s in the waiting’, kept repeating, and as this verse was repeating, a single, very full white…Read more »

Lover of my Soul

Dear Jesus, So many intense feelings lately!  They crash over me with such intensity, I feel off-balance most of the time.  I don’t feel like I fit in anywhere. I find myself sharing at such a deeply intense level, I make people uncomfortable.  I feel them shifting and gracefully finding an out so they no…Read more »

Extravagantly Loved

Remember the feeling you have as a young lover, realizing there is someone who sees you as perfect and perfectly suited to them? This is also the experience you have when God allows you to see yourself through His eyes.  He sees you as beautiful, perfect and perfectly suited to be His bride. He shows you all those wonderful and unique things about who He created you to be and how all of this is fulfilled as you become one with Him