God Knows!

God is so, so good! He has always spoken to me through music, and the words in music, and this morning, after praying and asking for prayers God would reveal His work and leading in my life, He sent me the song “Reason” by Unspoken. The words, but even more so, the images in this…Read more »

I Chose to Believe

Sometimes people move out of our lives quietly without explanation and we are left to wonder… The enemy comes in and plays on all our insecurities, whispering carefully chosen words to make us doubt ourselves. We begin to question the integrity of the one who moved away from us, twist and distort the goodness and…Read more »

Letting Go…

Today I am grateful to let go of the dream of what I thought my life was moving toward and encouraged by the life God has for me right now, in this moment ~ friends to spend time with, pray for, help when in need, and everything that is the beautiful community God has placed…Read more »

Wait on the Lord…

Grateful God continues teaching me about the power of waiting on Him and His perfect timing. Even as I struggle with this, He stands beside me and holds my hand, all part of a sacred dance. He teaches me how to follow His gentle leading, and in faith, I bow my will and surrender to…Read more »

God’s Grace

I always had a secrity blanket as a little girl. I was like Linus and took it everywhere. When my parents were to busy, or fighting, my security blanket was there with silky soft edges and well worn flannel, soft against my skin. Always within reach, surrounding me with its warmth. God’s grace is like…Read more »